zondag 21 augustus 2011

Free energy

One field of pseudoscience which always seemed quite popular is free energy. No, not the Gibbs free energy which is well known in science, but the idea that you can get energy from pretty much nowhere. And there is also a nice conspiracy theory behind it which is why almost no one can achieve free energy. Seems that some people believe that oil companies and governments are keeping it a secret is money. The oil companies are paying the government to keep the theory a secret so that they can dominate the energy market longer. Besides the horrible physics that they present, there is another flaw in their argument. What they see as a strength in their argument, I see as one of their greatest weaknesses. What might that be? It is MONEY!!!

So how does money weaken their argument?
Well that is quite easy. It is scientists. Just like everyone else in the world, scientists want to earn money. If they are able to do research which will earn them more money, they will try and do it. That is why certain research is more popular then others. This is why aids research gets more funding then research of homosexual necrophilia in ducks. How does this relate to free energy? Just think for a second that free energy is true. What would the finder of it get? He would get everything he would want.

But wouldn't the energy companies try and stop this research?
They could try but it would not work. Not all research is funded by the corporate world so that universities and independent research companies would also be able to do the research. Scientists would fight tooth and nail to do the research because it would mean that they would have made what can be considered the greatest scientific breakthrough in history. The research team would without a doubt receive a Nobel Prize and get grant money every single research team would be jealous of. Universities and research institutes like the Max Planck institute would try and hire the research group and give them high paying research positions. The research group would become more famous than Einstein, more famous than Hawkins and more famous than Newton. They would get fame and money that no oil company has enough power to stop this from happening.

Now you might say that the oil companies are still able to keep it a secret but I am not convinced. If you still think that there is a such a thing as free energy please present evidence that there is. I don't want to hear you spout some ignorance about oil companies and governments keeping it a secret unless you have evidence to present which shows that they are. You don't have science backing you up so give up and accept that there is no such thing as free energy.

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